Freya - Our Poorly Puppy


Freya - A Medical Oddity

This is Freya.  She was three years old on November 16th 2008.  She is a Rhodesian Ridgeback who has been diagnosed with a rare illness - lymphangiectasia.  It took a team of excellent vets a considerable time to reach a diagnosis because her presentation was also unusual.  They resorted to consulting with vets from across the globe to assist in resolving the mystery of her illness.

As you can see, she had a large amount of her fur shaved to allow vets to perform investigative procedures to determine why fluid was building up in her chest and abdomen.  She still has fluid on her chest despite currently being in remission.

She is truly a uniquely beautiful, intelligent, affectionate and brave puppy.

This website is about our very special pet and all the treatments that she has bravely faced. We hope that our site will help any other Rhodesian Ridgebacks with similar symptoms and find a cure for our beloved Freya, described by one of her vets as 'An ambassador for her breed'. That statement made us feel even more proud of her than we normally are!

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